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The Basics

Forte is an Alliance raiding guild on the Dawnbringer server (CST). Our focus is 10-man progression and currently on normal modes. The guild was formed February 14, 2009.

Guild Ranks:

Guild Officers:

Current Recruitment Needs:

Forte Application Process:
After applying to Forte, please give the officers a few days (usually no more than two) to discuss. If accepted, contact an officer in game for a guild invite. You will be considered an initiate for about two weeks, which is a period for you to see if the guild is right for you and for us to see if you will fit in with the guild. At the end of that time, depending on your schedule, play-style and performance, you would be promoted to a Member or Raider.
Main: Jaeley (Orc Warlock, Lightbringer), Alt: Madrassa (Gnome Rogue, Dawnbringer)

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Raid Information

Current Targets:
Icecrown Citadel-10 man (11/12 bosses)

Depending on group/class makeup, we might also complete an OS3D, VoA or ToC run.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm - 11pm (CST.) Invites go out 15 minutes in advance.

*Note: Saturday night (8-11pm CST) we usually have an organized raid for alts.

Raider Attendance Requirements:
As a family/life friendly guild, we realize that life has priority over a computer game. Thus, there is no required attendance to guild raids. Forte asks its raiders to instead posts notes for raids they will be unable to attend on our forum calendar. If there is not a note, we expect you to be present at raid time. Any raider who does not leave comments for missing raids two times within roughly a month will be set as a Member for at least one week.

Required Addons/Downloads:
• Ventrilo
• A threat addon (ex: Omen)
• A boss addon (ex: Deadly Boss Mods)
• Pally Power (if applicable)
• Decursive (if applicable)

Loot Rules:
Forte utilizes a modified need/greed (or open roll) system, designed to be fairer to all in attendance.
Main: Jaeley (Orc Warlock, Lightbringer), Alt: Madrassa (Gnome Rogue, Dawnbringer)

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