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#1226860 Mar 25, 2009 at 01:34 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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Our guild aims to have fun, make progression together and not get hung up on who gets what epic on which run. However, we want to be clear and consistent on how loot will be handled.

For our guild-scheduled runs, we use an open roll system with 3 limitations:
- Raider rank have priority over Members and Initiates
- 1 Tier piece per week
- 1 Epic per night
Note: Officer mains are considered Raider rank for loot.

We will never disenchant gear that people need. The 1 piece per week/night is intended to make sure the items spread around on a more even basis than someone with lucky rolls all night. If nobody needs an item for their first epic of the night, it will then go to those who need for main spec, but have already won something.

The order that loot is distributed is as follows:
1) Raider Main (1st item of night/ tier per week)
2) Member or Initiate Main (1st item of night/ tier per week)
3) Raider Main (extra items)
4) Member or Initiate Main (extra items)
5) Dual Spec (for those we ask to dual spec for raiding)
6) Alts or F&F for main spec, for raids including alts and F&F
7) Mains for Off Spec
8. Alts or F&F for Off Spec

When an item drops:

1) The Loot master will link the item in /RW and may call out a few stats on vent. At this point, clear raid chat so we can get loot done quickly.

2) Anyone Raider or higher rank needs the item for main spec and has not won an (epic that night) or (tier piece that week) will /roll

3) Anyone who is Member Or Initiate rank indicate in raid chat "Member/Raider Main" They will get second priority.

3) Anyone who wants the item for main spec, but HAS won an item already will say in raid chat "main"

4) Anyone who wants the item for offspec will say in raid chat "offspec"

For example:

Raid Warning: Fool's Trial
Bob rolls 52 (1-100).
Alice rolls 43 (1-100).

(Raid): Jeremy: main
(Raid): Diane: offspec

Bob and Alice are rolling for their first epic of the night. Jeremy wants the item for main spec, but already won something. Diane wants it for offspec.

#1368036 May 18, 2009 at 09:40 AM · Edited over 8 years ago
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A little addendum on the loot rules:

Regarding recipe drops from Ulduar/ToC -

There is a small chance that certain recipes will drop in Ulduar/ToC. To keep things fair, we're going to treat these sort of how we treat the tier pieces.

When a recipe drops, you may /roll if you:
1) Have that profession
2) Have the required level in the profession
3) Are rank "Raider" or above
4) Have not won any other recipes that week

The highest roller will be expected to learn the new recipe immediately (officers will be watching for the yellow glow thingie). Rolling on a recipe that you do not have the proficiency for yet will result in Very Bad Things®.

Again, rolls are open to rank Raider and above and you may only receive one per week.
Main: Jaeley (Orc Warlock, Lightbringer), Alt: Madrassa (Gnome Rogue, Dawnbringer)

#2144820 Jan 26, 2010 at 08:26 AM · Edited 8 years ago
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Occasionally, we ask a few of our members to switch talent specs for a boss encounter, different strategy or simply because we have too few/many of one role in a raid. The following characters are considered "dual spec" raiders and have priority on items before off spec roles:

----- Killerbud (Main: DPS, Dual: Tank)
----- Ygrite (Main: DPS, Dual: Heals)
Main: Jaeley (Orc Warlock, Lightbringer), Alt: Madrassa (Gnome Rogue, Dawnbringer)

#2318308 Mar 07, 2010 at 11:07 PM
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For tier tokens that drop in TOC and ICC, a raider must have enough emblems to purchase the piece they wish to upgrade. You cannot roll on a token for the week if are not able to use that token immediately.

This can be done one of 2 ways.

You can link the piece you are upgrading when you roll.

or, if you do not have the piece, but do have enough emblems, you can roll for token, and go to vendor and make your purchase immediately.

This is done to benefit the guild as a whole. We do not want people sitting on tokens for a couple of weeks while they farm for their emblems, when another raider is ready and waiting to upgrade.

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