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Here are the ranks within the guild, along with some description of each.

Guild Master
This is a figurehead position only, and currently resides on an officer's alt. Forte only has a Guild Master because the game requires it. The officers run the guild as a council.

The officers of the guild are the leadership. They work on all aspects of the guild from scheduling and running raids, to maintaining the forums, to recruitment, and many other things. Forte is run by this group as a team. While officers have the most authority in the guild, any significant decisions require a majority vote to be enacted.

Officers have the best access to the guild bank and can help clean up items, or withdraw for other folks if needed in some cases. Officers are considered Raiders for getting loot during raids.

Officer alt
This rank was introduced for all officer alts. This simply helps folks see who the officer mains are in the above rank.

The core of Forte is made up by the raiders. Raiders are reliable, prompt, and helpful people. They make as many scheduled raids as possible, and leaving comments on the calendar for any raids they can't make. (Nobody is expected to make 100% of raids)

Raiders do their best before, during and after raids to help the guild progress. They keep their gear fully gemmed and enchanted. They read strategies and watch videos for upcoming fights rather than going in cold. They analyze their recounts and WWS reports to find out what happens during the fights and how to improve. They compare specs, rotations, mods, etc... with others in guild and out of guild to maximize their potential.

Raiders have good access to the guild bank, can receive mats from the guild for raid enchants, get first raid invites, and ahead of Members and Initiates for loot.

Members represent our more casual guild members. This casual nature may be due to schedules that do not allow consistent raiding, the need to gear up to meet our current raid targets, or (in some cases) the lack of attention to gems, enchants, and specs required of raiders. Many members are well geared and good at their class. Members are always allowed on raids when there is room. Members are a solid part of our guild and are there to help out raids when possible.

Members have standard access to the guild bank. Members can receive loot in raids if no Raiders need the item.

Forte recognizes that having friends and family along for the ride makes Warcraft more fun for everyone. Friends or family members are always welcome to join under our most casual rank. F&F very seldom, if ever, joins us during raid time. However, F&F are always welcome in guild chat, offnight runs, and any fun events Forte plans. F&F has basic access to the guild bank, with the ability to withdraw items only from the Bazaar.

This rank is reserved for folks who need a time-out. This rank can not speak in guild chat and has no access to the guild bank.

All newcomers to Forte start as Initiates. This rank has no access to the guild bank. Initiates who were recruited for raiding are expected to attend raids anytime possible. Initiates are allowed to roll on loot if Raiders and Members do not need the items. Initiates will be promoted to either Member or Raider depending on their schedules, performance, gear scores, and the current needs of the raid makeup. This typically happens ~2 weeks after joining, but varies depending on officer's schedules.
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